Tearrific - Part 3

Welcome once again to our little blog, unfortunately this is our final part in the tea series (but there will be many more blogs to read in the upcoming weeks). This week we learn about the last few teas on offer at T & Thistle, whilst also learning about the legend of Scottish and Breakfast tea. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your chosen cuppa.



Ceylon tea comes from Sri Lanka (previously known as Ceylon in the 1970’s) and has a mild citrus taste. Ceylon tea contains potassium, which supports a healthy heart and can aid in reducing blood pressure. Another, more cosmetic benefit of Ceylon tea is that it can help protect the skin against UV rays and help keep collagen levels up, giving you a younger and bouncier complexion.


Rose Smoked

This tea will be a particular favourite for the females reading this, as rose has been known to help ease menstrual pain, whilst also balancing stress hormones. The petals are high in vitamins A, C and E, which help hydrate and tighten the skin, and also support the production of collagen, so like our Ceylon, is perfect for hair and skin health! Drink this one when you’re feeling a little run down.


Highland Chai (while stocks last)

Our final tea on the menu is the one with the legend. In the 1700’s, Queen Anne popularised drinking tea at breakfast when she asked for something other than ale to drink with her heavy meaty meal. However, in 1892, Drysdale saw a need for a stronger blend of tea to match the breakfast, hence, Breakfast tea. Queen Victoria, after visiting Scotland, enjoyed this strong blend of Breakfast tea and took it back with her to England, and controversially the name changed to English Breakfast. So, your English Breakfast tea is actually Scottish (dun dun dun...) Our Highland Chai is a mixture of strong black tea, herbal and chai, BUT we have limited supplies so hurry in store before it’s all gone!


Thank you for following our little tea journey, and we do hope you’ve enjoyed it and learnt something new about the teas you’re drinking with us in T & Thistle. Please stay tuned for more blogs about products we have in store, any events we have coming up or previously held, and anything else related to tea, Scotland and yummy snacks! 


Ta-ra for now.