Tearrific - Part 1

As a nation of tea drinkers, we know how important it is to sit down and have a decent cup of tea. Here at T&Thistle, we have a varied selection of teas to suit all pallets, and we have devised this crafty little fact file to inform you on the teas we have to offer, and hopefully help you make a decision when you come to visit us. This is part 1 of a 3 part mini series on tea, so sit back and relax (and don’t forget to let your tea brew for 3-5 minutes before enjoying it!)


The difference between black tea and green tea is that black tea undergoes fermentation, whereas green tea is unprocessed. It’s that simple. They’re the same Camellia Sinesis leaf, but fermentation changes the flavours and colours of the leaf, creating black tea. Other factors such as climate and soil can affect the leaf’s flavour, hence different flavoured teas. Both green and black tea’s main health benefit are antioxidants, a chemical which can help stop or limit cell damage, and therefore have beneficial effects on the ageing process (appearance, diseases, etc). We like use loose leaf tea from The Wee Tea Company in our shop, a tea blender based in Dunfermline, Scotland. Using loose leaf tea gives the tea space to expand, allowing maximum flavour and very satisfied tea drinkers.


English Breakfast

A classic. English Breakfast is a black tea blend of Assam (North East India), Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and Kenyan (East Africa) teas. Studies have found that this tea can help lower cholesterol, and therefore lower the risk of heart disease. Pop in for a cup of your old favourite.


Earl Grey Blue Flower

It’s the beginning of the year, so not only are we stressed about being back at work, but we’re also fighting a cold. Earl grey tea contains an oil from a bergamot orange, which is said to have a calming effect on people, plus it’s a natural cold remedy. But our earl grey has the added bonus of the blue mallow flower, which has been known to help ease coughs and tummy complaints. 



This one also treats colds! It also has pain relieving, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, so this tea will tighten pores, fight against spots and aid stomach aches. And to top it off, chamomile is a natural sedative, so will promote sleep and relieve stress. What is this magic potion...


Peppermint tea

We all know that feeling of overindulging but we just can’t help it when it comes to delicious food. Well, if you have eaten too much cake when visiting us, a cup of peppermint tea will ease the bloating and tummy aches. And that cold sensation you experience is the menthol within the peppermint. It activates the cold sensing nerves and makes that part of the body feel cold (plus this one’s another cold remedy).


Part 2 will go through more of our remarkable teas, including the new popular trend of chai. Let us know what you think of our teas when you come to visit T&Thistle, and don’t forget to follow us on social media to be the first to know about everything coming up this year.

Drink up.